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Do your part to preserve and improve Lake Guntersville for future generations

The W.E.T. Foundation needs your help in keeping our lake beautiful, clean and healthy. Whether you’re local or like to visit in the summer, Lake Guntersville holds so many special memories for families. We want to make sure our precious resource is cherished for years to come.

What can I do to help?

  • Donate to the W.E.T. Foundation to support healthy lake management initiatives that ensure continued lake enjoyment.
  • When you plan to move your boat or equipment from one body of water to another, take extra time and care to clean, drain and dry your vessel.
  • Avoid boating through water plants and weeds, if possible. If caught up on the hull or propeller, invasive species can be transported and broken up into smaller parts helping them to transfer to another area to colonize.
  • During the summer season, follow the herbicide treatment schedule published in local newspapers.

Make it personal!

Help us tell the story of what makes Lake Guntersville so special. Share a video or photo, and explain why you love the waterway on social media!

Whether it’s your favorite fishing destination or your backyard – go ahead and tell the world. Make sure to use the hashtag #mylakeguntersville and to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!